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GPT-9800 시리즈

제품 상세설명

주요 특징

• 200VA AC Test Capacity

• 240x64 Ice Blue Dot matrix LCD

• Manual/Auto Mode

• Function Key for quick selecting

• High intensity flash for Caution & Status indication

• Safety INTERLOCK function

• Zero Crossing Turn-on Operation

• Controllable Ramp-up Time

• True RMS Current Measurement

• High resolution: 1uA for measuring current, 2V for setting voltage

• PWM amplifier to enhance the power efficiency and reliable testing

• Max. 100 memory block for test condition (step) setting. And each step can be named individually.

• Remote terminal on the front panel for “start” and “stop” control

I• nterface : RS-232C, USB device, Signal I/O and GPIB (optional)


A Solid Foundation for Reliable, Safe and Practical Safety Compliance Testing

The GPT-9800 Series is a new series of safety tester (hi-pot tester/hipot tester) with high durability and multiple user-protection design. The GPT-9800 Series meets a variety of safety standards such as IEC, EN, UL, CSA, GB, JIS and other safety-related requirements for the safety tests of electronic products and components.


A total of 4 safety testers in the GPT-9800 Series, namely GPT-9804, GPT-9803, GPT-9802 and GPT-9801, are available for various applications. The GPT-9804 is a 4-in-1 model capable of performing AC withstanding, DC withstanding, insulation resistance and ground bond tests. The GPT-9803 is a 3-in-1 model capable of performing AC withstanding, DC withstanding as well as insulation resistance tests. The GPT-9802 is capable of performing both AC and DC withstandingtests, whereas the GPT-9801 is able to perform AC withstanding test. The series of safety tester is built upon a high-efficiency PWM amplifier platform with AC 200VA maximum output capacity to impede the influence from the voltage fluctuation of the input AC source. This ensures a stable voltage supply for all the tests of the GPT-9800 Series.


Targeting user’s protections, the GPT-9800 series uses a combination of hardware and software controls to improve safety: A self-check is performed to make sure all the functions and operations are under normal condition each time when the tester is turned on; the Zero Crossing Turn-On design imposes the output voltage to always begin at the zero crossing of a sine wave to avoid the impact of surge voltage output; and the output voltage is automaticallycut off (within 150μs) when abnormal output voltages have been detected or when the upper or lower current limits have been reached during testing. To protect operator from hazardous injury, the GPT-9800 Series automatically discharges the DUT after test (within 200ms) each time to eliminate excessive voltage that remains on the DUT. To further ensure safety, the interlock connector can also be used as double protections to prevent inadvertent operation.


The GPT-9800 Series, equipped with a simple & clear panel layout, a high resolution dot matrix LCD display, and color LED indicators, allows operators to interpret measurement results easily and quickly. All major test functions, including AC withstanding (AC 5kV/40mA), DC withstanding (DC 6kV/10mA), insulation resistance (DC 50V ~ 1000V) and ground bond (AC 30A max.) tests, are performed under a high-stability voltage output with high-resolution measurementresults. Further more, the test duration, ramp up time and upper/lower limits of the output voltage are fully-adjustable to accommodate a wide variety of safety tests with accurate measurement results.


Other functions and features of the GPT-9800 include: open circuit detection for ground bond testing to get correct measurement result with confidence; 100 sets of memory to save panel settings, which can be recalled for single test individually or for automatic tests in sequence; a remote output on-off terminal in the front panel and a signal I/O port in the rear panel provided as the means for remote start/stop control of the safety tester; RS-232C,USB and GPIB (optional) interfaces available for PC remote control and test result logging.


High Efficiency and High Stability Output

PWM Amplifier Efficiency

PWM Amplifier Efficiency

Unlike the conventional safety tester design that uses variable voltage transformer and class AB amplifier to provide testing voltage, the GPT-9800 Series, carrying a high-efficiency PWM amplifier design, generates output source up to 98% efficiency. This greatly reduces the amount of power loss to heat and therefore lowers the temperature within the cabinet of the GPT-9800 Series. The suppression of temperature rise during heavy-duty operations of thetester significantly increases its reliability and service lifetime. In addition, as PWM amplifier is comparatively more resistant to the fluctuations of input power voltage, a stable high-voltage output with less than 1% regulation is provided by the GPT-9800 Series to perform precision tests of the DUT.


High Accuracy and High Resolution Testing Performance    

In order to provide high accuracy testing for production test, regulation compliance, and characteristic verification, the withstanding test voltage (AC 5kV/DC 6kV) of the GPT-9800 Series can be adjusted in 2V steps, while the current measurement can be done with 1μA resolution and ±(1.5% + 30μA) accuracy to enable small leakage current measurements of the products or the components. In addition, the test voltage of insulation resistance of theGPT-9800 Series can be adjusted in 50V steps within the DC output range from 50V to 1000V, carrying a measurement accuracy of ±(10% of reading +1 MΩ) at full scale (2000MΩ/9500MΩ). This provides the flexibility for performing I.R. measurements under variable levels of applied voltage. As the majority of safety regulations need an AC source for ground bond testing, the GPT-9800 Series provides 6Vac voltage (open circuit) and 3A~30Aac current for ground bond test, meeting IEC 60601-1 requirements. Furthermore,open circuit detection (via SOURCE H, SENSE H and SOURCE L terminals) for ground bond testing is also provided to check whether the test apparatus is properly connected before the start of a test. This is to ensure the ground bond test is done accurately without any unnoticeable misconnection of the test leads and the test terminals. With these capabilities, the user is able to perform various safety tests and verifications with high flexibility, accuracy and confidence.


Safety Guarding throughout the Testing Period

Once the GPT-9800 Series is turned on, the protection functions to protect operator and DUT are always in operation throughout the testing period. When the power is turned on, the GPT-9800 Series immediately goes through the self-check procedures to ensure that all test functions are performed under normal conditions, as the first protection function being applied.The second protection function is activated once the “Start” (output) button is pressed.At the first moment of start up, the GPT-9800 will send a detection voltage (~100V) during the initialization period (100ms) to check whether the DUT has any short circuit due to poor insulation before the high voltage is applied.


This is to prevent high voltage or current from returning to the DUT during the test time. To protect DUT from insulation breakdown caused by the rapid increase of test voltage at power-on and avoid flashover or arcing phenomena that could affect the test results, the GPT-9800 Series has a Zero Crossing Turn-On feature, which ensures the output always starts from the zero crossing of a sine wave. Moreover, the adjustable voltage ramp-up time (0.1s ~ 999.9s)allows the test voltage to slowly rise to the set test voltage to reduce the risk of damaging DUT during mandatory production testing.


Furthermore, after the voltage has ramped to the set test voltage, the GPT-9800 will continue monitoring the voltage and cut off power output once any irregularity is detected. This provides both the safety tester and the operator with a high level protection, which allows the test to be done in a safe and accurate manner.


Testing Period Timing

Testing Period Timing

Zero-Crossing Operation

Zero-Crossing Operation


Multiple Protection Mechanisms

The GPT-9800 series also offers multiple protection designs to ensure operator safety in operating the safety tester. The interlock function provides the hardware key protection for voltage output. When the interlock function is activated, the testing voltage will present at the output ONLY when the dedicated interlock key is attached to the Signal I/O port on the rear side. When the test is not intended to executed, removing the interlock key can inhibitthe voltage output to prevent the hazard of high voltage output. Except connecting with the key, two inputs of the Signal I/O port can be connected alone to a senor switch installed in safety test system. If there is any unexpected object is detected to intrude into the system, the output is disabled and thus prevents the operator from exposure to hazardous voltages/currents.


In addition, the GPT-9800 series can quickly cut off the high voltage output within 150µs when the test has completed, the high/low limits have been reached or the emergent stop caused by an abnormal situation. Lastly, when a test has stopped, the unit also automatically discharges the voltage across the DUT (within 200ms) to reduce the risk of injury to operator.


Safety Interlock

Safety Interlock

Zero-Crossing Operation

Zero-Crossing Operation


Friendly User Interface

The 240 x 64 LCD displays not only the setting parameters but also the test conditions, measurement values and DUT inspection results (PASS or FAIL) in a legible pattern. The LED indicators in different colors alert the operator to the status of the safety tester to avoid any possible risk. For example, the status indicator sitting above the high voltage output terminal will automatically blink when a high voltage presents at output. In addition, the functionkeys arranged below the LCD display provide convenient operation that test setup can be easily done by fewer key punches.


High Intensity Indicators

High Intensity Indicators 

Zero-Crossing Operation

Large LCD and Function keys


High Efficiency and High Stability Output

In order to comply with all safety regulations, the GPT-9800 series also offers a large number of memory locations (100 sets in total) to store a variety of test conditions. When a test condition is saved to one of the 100 fixed memory locations, a unique test file name (up to 12 characters) can also be assigned to its memory location. For example, the test file name “IEC61010AH” (IEC 61010 AC Withstanding test) can saved and recalled for future use.Any test conditions that have been previously stored can be used for a single test or combined together for automatic testing- eliminating the need to perform a series of tests manually.


In addition to using the START/STOP buttons on the front panel to control the safety tester (hi-pot tester/hipot tester), the GPT-9800 series also provides a remote terminal for connection to an external remote controller and a signal I/O port on the rear panel for connection to a PLC interface for actuator control. Furthermore with RS-232C and USB as standard (GPIB optional) for all the models in the GPT-9800 series, retrieving test data and results isconvenient via a PC connection.


AUTO testing Combination

AUTO testing Combination

Variety Control Methods


Variety Control Methods

Variety Control Methods

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