• The 1320 Bias Current Source output can be controlled by LCR Meter Model 3302/3252/11022/ 11025 directly. The 1320S connected externally can output current up to 100A. The bias current scan frequency triggered automatically or manually can analyze the iron core characteristics in inductor for quality inspection and product feature analysis. They are the best measurement instruments combination for inductor test.
  • The 3250/3252 provide 20Hz-200kHz tes t frequencies, and 3302 provides 20Hz-1MHz test frequencies. In addition to transformer scanning test function, the 3252/3302 have LCR Meter function. In test items, The 3250/3252/3302 cover most of transformer's low-voltage test parameters which include primar y test parameters as Inductance, Leakage Inductance, Turns-Ratio, DC resistance, Impedance, and Capacitance (between windings) etc.; secondary test parameters as Quality Factor and ESR etc.; and pin-short test function. High-speed digital sampling measurement technology combined wi th scanning test fixture (A132501) design, improve low-efficiency transformer inspection to be more accurate and faster.
  • This system is designed for large DC current testing, up to 300A. The connector between bias current sources is low ESR (This system provides power choke characteristic sweep graph analysis through Windows® base software or sweep function of the meter. The bias current scan triggered automatically or manually can analyze the iron core characteristics in inductor for quality inspection and product feature analysis. The Chroma 11300 is a just right test solution for magnetic choke and core used in various power supply.
  • Key Features:
    Floating Output Design meet EN50191 (19032-P)
    500VA Power Rating (19032-P)
    Five instruments in one: AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, Ground Bond and Leakage Current (Option)
    Twin-PortTM function (Patent)
    Programmable output voltage to 5kV AC and 6kV DC
    Insulation resistance to 50GΩ/1000V DC
    Ground bond up to 30A (Option up to 40A / 60A)
    Open/Short check(OSC)
    ARC detection (Flashover)
    Password Protected front panel lockout
    Storage of 50 Tests Setups with 100 Steps per setup
    Optional dynamic leakage current auto scanning (A190305/A190306/A190307/A190308)
    Standard RS-232 Interface
    Standard GB Offset KIT, SCANNER Interface
    Optional GPIB Interface
    Optional Bar-code Scanner
    Optional EST software for test programming, data mining, statistic
    UL, TüV ,CE mark (Model 19032)
    CE mark (Model 19032-P)
    Plug in to 19032 for Hipot, Line Leakage Auto Scan
    Five Different Kinds Human Body RC Network
    Four measurements mode : Normal, Reverse, Single Fault Normal, Single Fault Reverse
    Up to 20A Line Input Current Capability
    Build in A/D and Calibration Data Memory Easy to Install
    Multiple Display Mode Voltage-LC, Amp-LC, VA-LC
    Earth LC, Enclosure LC, Patient LC and Patient Auxiliary LC Test
  • Key Features:
    10 channels in one design
    10 sets of sync output and measurement
    AC/DC/IR 3 in 1 EST test
    Master/Slave link - 10 units max.
    Programmable V-output and limits
    OSC (Open/Short Check)
    Flashover detection
    5kVAC & 6kV DC hipot test
    1MΩ~50GΩ insulation resistance test
    Standard RS232/Handler/GPIB interface
    Large LCD panel
    Key lock function
    CE Mark