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Key Features:

-NEW! The latest 100V wide range of models (applicable to 40V/50V/60V/80V/100V models)
-Power range: 5KW / 10KW / 15KW
-Voltage range: 0 ~ 1000V
-Current range: 0 ~ 375A
-High power density (15KW in 3U)
-Easy master / slave parallel & series operation up to 150KW
-Precision V&I Measurements
-High-speed programming
-Voltage & Current slew rate control
-Digital encoder knobs, keypad and function keys
-Current sharing operation
-Voltage ramp function (time range: 10 ms ~ 99 hours)
-Auto sequencing programming:10 programs / 100 sequences
-OVP, current limit, thermal protection
-Standard analog programming interface
-Standard USB / RS232 / RS485 interface
-Optional GPIB / Ethernet interface
-Remote output ON / OFF (I / P)
-Remote sense line drop compensation
-LabView and Labwindows
-Solar array simulation function
-Shade I-V curve simulation
-I-V curve programming: 10 program / 100 I-V files
-CE certified 

High Power Density 15KW in 3U Programmable DC Power Suply

The 62000H Series supplies offer a high power density envelop of maximum 15KW in 3U, deliver low output noise and ripple, excellent line and load regulation, and fast transient response, with wide range of voltage (30V~1000V), current (375A~25A) combinations, suitable for every part of your manufacturing process from design to production testing.

Master / Slave parallel & series operation up to 150KW

When high power is required, it is common to connect two or more power supplies in parallel or series. The 62000H Series supplies have a smart Master / Slave control mode making series/parallel operation fast and simple. In this mode, the master scales values and downloads data to slave units so programming is simple and current sharing automatic.

Solar Array Simulation Function *

Model 62150H-600S/1000S provides a unique feature to simulate the output characteristics of a solar array. This function is useful for MPPT performance evaluation on solar inverter device. User can easily edit the I-V curve, testing and monitor the PV inverter via softpanel , see Figure A & B.

Figure A : IV Curve Edit Table Mode Figure B : Static MPPT Test




Programming Sequences Aplications

The 62000H Series supplies' LIST and STEP modes allow for auto sequencing function. The LIST mode allows for 100 user programmable sequences with time settings ranging from 5ms to 15000s and voltage / current slew rate control. The STEP mode allows for setting start, end voltage and run time of 10ms to 99 hours for automated test applications. Applications include DC/DC Converter & Inverter voltage dropout testing, engine start-up simulation, battery automated charging, battery voltage dropout simulation, product life cycle testing and avionics testing.

Battery Voltage Dropout Reset Behavior at Voltage Dropof ISO 16750-2


Engine Starting Profile of ISO 16750-2 Battery Voltage Slow Decrease & Decrease


Telecom Converter Sag Testing Output Voltage Slew Rate Control


62000H Series Programmable DC Power Supply High Power Applications

Hight Power Application40V100V450V600V1,000VFor 380Vac inputNote
45kW 1,125A 1,125A 102A 75A 45A 62150H-40×3
60kW 1,500A 1,500A 136A 100A 60A 62150H-40×4
90kW 2,250A 2,250A 204A 150A 90A 62150H-40×6
120kW 3,000A 3,000A 272A 200A 120A 62150H-40×8
150kW 3,750A 3,750A 340A 250A 150A 62150H-40×10


추가옵션 악세사리

선택 가능한 추가옵션
옵션명 옵션정보
62050H-40 Programmable DC Power Supply 40V/125A/5KW
62050H-450 Programmable DC Power Supply 450V/11.5A/5KW
62050H-600 Programmable DC Power Supply 600V/8.5A/5KW
62050H-600S Programmable DC Power Supply 600V/8.5A/5KW with Solar Array Simulation
62075H-30 Programmable DC Power Supply 30V/250A/7.5KW
62100H-30 Programmable DC Power Supply 30V/375A/11KW
62100H-40 Programmable DC Power Supply 40V/250A/10KW
62100H-100P Programmable DC Power Supply 100V/250A/10KW (NEW!)
62100H-450 Programmable DC Power Supply 450V/23A/10KW
62100H-600 Programmable DC Power Supply 600V/17A/10KW
62100H-600S Programmable DC Power Supply 600V/17A/10KW with Solar Array Simulation
62100H-1000 Programmable DC Power Supply 1000V/10A/10KW
62150H-40 Programmable DC Power Supply 40V/375A/15KW
62150H-100P Programmable DC Power Supply 100V/375A/15KW (NEW!)
62150H-450 Programmable DC Power Supply 450V/34A/15KW
62150H-600 Programmable DC Power Supply 600V/25A/15KW
62150H-600S Programmable DC Power Supply 600V/25A/15KW with Solar Array Simulation
62150H-1000 Programmable DC Power Supply 1000V/15A/15KW
62150H-1000S Programmable DC Power Supply 1000V/15A/15KW with Solar Array Simulation
추가 구성 악세사리
악세사리 코드 악세사리 정보
A620024 GPIB Interface for 62000H Series (Factory installed)
A620025 Ethernet Interface for 62000H Series (Factory installed)
A620026 Rack Mounting Kit for 62000H Series

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