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Key Features
-Power range : 7.5kW
-Voltage range: 0 ~ 30V
-Current range: 0 ~ 250A
-High power density (7.5KW in 4U)
-Easy Master/Slave parallel operation up to 30V/750A
-Easy Master/Slave series operation up to 60V/250A
-Current stability : 2.5mA(10ppm)
-High-resolution current programming & Measurement: 20bit DAC/24bit ADC
-Current Slew Rate Control
-Output current waveform digitizing
-OVP, Current Limit, Thermal protection
-Standard USB Interface
-Optional Ethernet/LXI interface
-Safety interlock & Remote inhibit control (I/P)
-Magnet power supply application
-CE Certified

Chroma's new 62075H-30N of ultra-high stability DC power supply offers many unique advantages for magnet power supply system in synchrotron application. These advantages include excellent current stability of 1.25mA/0.5 hour and 2.5mA/8 hour, extremely low current ripple of 2.5mA, current reproducible within 10mA, precision setting and readback of output current via 20 bit DAC/24 bit ADC.

The 62075H-30N output power has maximum 7.5kW/30V/250A power module designed with 4U height that can be connected easily as master or slave with three units to 22.5kW/30V/750A in parallel or two units to 15kW/60V/250A in series and operated as a standalone unit via system bus.

The 62075H-30N provides stable DC output cur rent sour ce and powe r for pre c i s ion measurement. It offers an advanced 250A/30V ultra high-stable ±10 ppm (current stability ±1.25 mA) with high eciency and high power factor in compliance with energy savings. In addition it has a 20 bit digital control with bright vacuum fluorescent display readout.

The 62075H-30N ultra-high stability power supply is very easy to operate from either the front panel keypad or the remote controller via USB (standard) and Ethernet/LXI (optional). Its compact size with 4U only can be used on a bench or installed in a standard rack without any diculty.

The features of the 62075H-30N includes current mode with dual loops control. It is able to provide a stable and fast output response providing excellent protection for dierent load variations.

The self-diagnosis routine and full protections against voltage phase loss, over/under voltage at input, over voltage/current at output, over power, over temperature, fan fail and remote inhibit ensure the quality and reliability for even the most demanding magnet power supply system in synchrotron.


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62075H-30N Ultra High Stability DC Power Supply 30V/250A/7.5kW
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Option Rack Mounting Kit for 62075H-30N
Option Ethernet/LXI Interface for 62075H-30N

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