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Key Features:

-Voltage range: 0 ~ 60V

-Current range: 0 ~ 7A
-Power range: 0 ~ 150W
-Wide range of voltage & current combinations in constant power
-Clean and stable power with programmability at an affordable price
-Low noise: <3mVp-p
-High transient response: <30us
-High-speed programming
-Precision V&I measurements
-Standard GPIB/USB interface
-Remote sense
-Master-slave parallel and serial and serial control
-8 steps for auto sequencing programming
-16 storage locations for user-defined operating states
-OVP, Current limit, Thermal and Over-power protection
-CE Certified 

 62000L Features and Applicaitons 

 Autoranging Output 

The 62000L Series Programmable DC power supplies have wide operating ranges. Chroma’s model 62015L-60-6 for example, the output specification 150W/60V/6A can operate under different combinations as the figure shows below while other common DC power supplies can only achieve the maximum output power of a single point.

For wide range voltage and current applications, one DC power supply can be used to test the input of both low voltage/high current and high voltage/low current UUTs. When integrated into a standard ATE, one 62000L Series DC power supply can replace multiple DC power supplies to significantly reduce cost and save space.

 High Transient Response 

The 62000L Series features the state-of-the-art DC power supply design with high transient response for output voltage. Take the model 62010L-36-7 for example, when the output current changes from 3.5A to 7A at the speed of 1A/us, the voltage change of actual output can return to 15mV within 10.1us.

For dynamic load change, the 62000L Series can quickly react in order to give a stable DC output, as well as reducing the surge voltage generated by load change that could damage the UUT. As to non-static products or test applications, the 62000L Series can timely provide a stable DC power supply.

 Low output Noise 

The 62000L Series provides pure and stable DC power. For example, the 62010L-36-7 output voltage noise is 1.18mVp-p (20~20MHz) under the maximum rated current and maximum output power.

For precision products that require strict power quality, such as semiconductor testing and IC drive, the 62000L Series is able to comply with the product specification to protect the UUT from the interference of heavy noise providing low ripple and low noise input power with pure quality.

 Auto Sequencing Projramming 

Auto Sequencing Mode

The auto sequencing programming function built into the 62000L Series allows the user to define and edit the output waveforms and cycles desired. Using 8 steps per cycle, each step can set the time for voltage to rise or fall as well as to dwell. This function can also be applied to the waveform signal simulation test of power electronics and the power simulation test of automotive electronics by editing the required output voltages following the UUT test criteria.

 Master-Slave Control 

The 62000L Series master-slave control has 4 modes listed as follows:

  • Parallel mode: The master-slave parallel control connects multiple power supplies to extend the current output.
  • Series mode: The master-slave series control connects multiple power supplies to extend the voltage output.
  • Normal mode: The master-slave normal control follows the delay time set by each power supply to output from the master.
  • Track mode: The master-slave track mode tracks each power supply to synchronize with the output voltage and status of master.



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62010L-36-7 Programmable DC Power Supply 36V/7A/108W + GPIB & USB
62015L-60-6 Programmable DC Power Supply 60V/6A/150W + GPIB & USB
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B620001 62000L Series 19-inch frame ear frame (1 set 2U)

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