WK6500P Series High Frequency LCR Meter 요약정보 및 구매

High Frequency LCR Meter

모델 WK6500P Series


제품 정보

제품 기본설명

High Frequency LCR Meter

제품 상세설명

제품 특징

  • 정밀한 고주파 임피던스 측정
  • 사용하기 편리한 TFT 터치 스크린 기능
  • 유전체, 압전패치 테스트 솔루션
  • 30msec 초고속 검사 속도
  • 0.05% 기본 정밀도
  • 20 Hz ~ 120 MHz, 주파수 업그레이드 가능
  • 직관적인 조작 인터페이스, USB, LAN, GPIB, Handler
  • 마우스와 키보드 사용 및 데이터 저장
  • 네트워크 프린터 및 USB 인터페이스 사용
  • 성능 대비 우수한 가격 경쟁력

제품 사양

Measurement parameters

Any of the following parameters can be measured and displayed:

AC functions

Capacitance (C)
Inductance (L)
Resistance (R)
Reactance (X)
Conductance (G)
Susceptance (B)
Dissipation Factor (D)
Quality Factor (Q)
Impedance (Z)
Admittance (Y)
Phase Angle (Ø)

Display format

Series or parallel equivalent circuit.

Test conditions

Frequency range

6505P 20Hz to 5 MHz
6506P 20HZ to 6 MHz
6510P 20Hz to 10 MHz
6515P 20Hz to 15MHz
6520P 20Hz to 20MHz
6530P 20Hz to 30MHz
6550P 20Hz to 50MHz
65120P 20Hz to 120 MHz
Accuracy of set frequency ±0.005%

AC drive level

10 mV to 1V rms*
200 μA to 20 mA rms*
*Varies with frequency
Signal source impedance: 50 nominal

DC bias

D1 option
0 to 100 mA of DC bias current
0 to 40 V of DC bias voltage
D2 option
-40V to +40 V of DC bias voltage

Mode of operation

Meter mode

Allows the instrument to be used as a standard LCR meter

Setup Data

Up to 20 instrument setups may be locally stored for each mode.

Measurement connections

Four front panel BNC connectors permit three or four
terminal connections with the screens at ground potential.

Measurement accuracy

Dissipation factor

±0.0005 (1+D2)*

Quality factor

±0.05 %( Q+1/Q)*

Capacitance / Inductance / Impedance

*Varies with frequency, drive level and measured impedance


Power Supply

Input voltage 90 V AC to 264 V AC (Autoranging)

Mains frequency

47 to 63 Hz


8.4" VGA (640 x 480) colour TFT with touch panel

Local Printer

HP-PCL compatible graphics printing
Centronics / parallel printer port, Epson compatible text / ticket printing

Network Printer

HP-PCL compatible graphics printing

Remote trigger

Rear panel BNC with internal pull-up, operates on logic low or contact closure

USB interface

Two Universal Serial Bus Interfaces USB 1.1 compliant

VGA interface

15-way D-type connector to drive an external monitor in addition to the instrument display

Network interface

10/100-BASE-TX Ethernet controller. RJ45 connector

Keyboard interface

Standard USB or PS/2 keyboard port. Instrument front
panel remains active with keyboard plugged in

Mouse interface

Standard USB or PS/2 mouse port.
Touch screen remains enabled when the mouse is connected.

Bin handler (option)

Isolated (24 V) or non-isolated (5 V). 25-way D-type connector

GPIB interface (option)

External instrument control. 24 pin IEEE 488 connector
Environmental conditions
This equipment is intended for indoor use only in a nonexplosive and non-corrosive atmosphere

Temperature range

Storage -20°C to 60°C
Operating 0°C to 40°C
Full Accuracy 18°C to 28°C

Relative humidity

Up to 80% non-condensing


Up to 2000 m

Installation category

II in accordance with IEC664

Pollution degree

2 - mainly non-conductive


Complies with the requirements of EN61010-1


Complies with EN61326 for emissions and immunity


Height 190 mm (7.5") Width 440 mm (17.37")
Depth 525 mm (20.5") Weight 14.5 kg (32 lb)

Order codes

Description    Order code
6505P 5MHz HF LCR Meter       1J6505P
6510P 10MHz HF LCR Meter       1J6510P
6515P 15MHz HF LCR Meter       1J6515P
6520P 20MHz HF LCR Meter       1J6520P
6530P 30MHz HF LCR Meter       1J6530P
6550P 50MHz HF LCR Meter       1J6550P
65120P 120MHz HF LCR Meter       1J65120P

All models supplied with:

User manual 2 m AC power cable
Universal component fixture (1J1011) USB memory


Description       Order code
Bin handler (isolated 24 V)         /B2
Bin handler (non-isolated)         /B1
DC Bias (0 to 40V, 0 to 100mA)         /D1
DC Bias (-40V to +40V)         /D2

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