• Key Features:
    Voltage range: 0 ~ 60V
    Current range: 0 ~ 7A
    Power range: 0 ~ 150W
    Wide range of voltage & current combinations in constant power
    Clean and stable power with programmability at an affordable price
    Low noise: <3mVp-p
    High transient response: <30us
    High-speed programming
    Precision V&I measurements
    Standard GPIB/USB interface
    Remote sense
    Master-slave parallel and serial and serial control
    8 steps for auto sequencing programming
    16 storage locations for user-defined operating states
    OVP, Current limit, Thermal and Over-power protection
    CE Certified
  • Key Features:
    Power range : 7.5kW
    Voltage range: 0 ~ 30V
    Current range: 0 ~ 250A
    High power density (7.5KW in 4U)
    Easy Master/Slave parallel operation up to 30V/750A
    Easy Master/Slave series operation up to 60V/250A
    Current stability : 2.5mA(10ppm)
    High-resolution current programming & Measurement: 20bit DAC/24bit ADC
    Current Slew Rate Control
    Output current waveform digitizing
    OVP, Current Limit, Thermal protection
    Standard USB Interface
    Optional Ethernet/LXI interface
    Safety interlock & Remote inhibit control (I/P)
    Magnet power supply application
    CE Certified
  • Key Features:
    Voltage range : 0 ~150V/600V/1000V/1500V/1800V
    AC input voltage range : 200/220Vac, 380/400Vac , 440/480Vac
    3U/18kW high power density module with easy master/slave parallel operation
    Fast transient response solar array simulation
    Simulation of multiple solar cell material's I-V characteristic (fill factor)
    Simulation of dynamic irradiation intensity and temperature level from clear day to cloud cover conditions
    Shadowed I-V curve output simulation (up to 4096 data points)
    Low leakage current (< 3mA)
    Precision V & I measurements
    Auto I-V program: 100 I-V curves & Dwell time 1-15,000s
    Static & dynamic MPPT efficiency test (accumulated energy methods)
    Data recorded via softpanel
    Standard USB / RS232 / RS485 interface
    Optional GPIB / Ethernet interface
    Real time analysis of PV inverters' MPPT tracking via softpanel
    Free graphic user interface - softpanel for operation
    Real world weather simulation fast I-V curve update rate : 1s
    Support up to ten-channel SAS control for multi-MPPT testing
    Build-in dynamic MPPT test profile of EN50530, Sandia, CGC/GF004 and NB/T 32004
  • Key Features:
    NEW! The latest 100V wide range of models (applicable to 40V/50V/60V/80V/100V models)
    Power range: 5KW / 10KW / 15KW
    Voltage range: 0 ~ 1000V
    Current range: 0 ~ 375A
    High power density (15KW in 3U)
    Easy master / slave parallel & series operation up to 150KW
    Precision V&I Measurements
    High-speed programming
    Voltage & Current slew rate control
    Digital encoder knobs, keypad and function keys
    Current sharing operation
    Voltage ramp function (time range: 10 ms ~ 99 hours)
    Auto sequencing programming:10 programs / 100 sequences
    OVP, current limit, thermal protection
    Standard analog programming interface
    Standard USB / RS232 / RS485 interface
    Optional GPIB / Ethernet interface
    Remote output ON / OFF (I / P)
    Remote sense line drop compensation
    LabView and Labwindows
    Solar array simulation function
    Shade I-V curve simulation
    I-V curve programming: 10 program / 100 I-V files
    CE certified